A year of mischief and future plans.


2016 was a fantastic year for us and marked the first full year of us working together as a duo. One of the highlights was moving to the Abstrakt.me studios which allowed us to flourish as mistresses and work in a discreet and highly professional environment. The other of course, was finally living together and being able to spend even more time planning all kinds of nefarious debauchery and indulging in lifestyle BDSM full time. We travelled extensively and were thoroughly spoiled by our favourite submissives and slaves.

Continuing to build our relationships with long term submissives and meeting a whole host of new kinksters meant our year was full of fetish and we were able to really explore the darker sides of domination. Mistress Nina had her first foray into the more in depth side of medical play whilst Mistress Kitty explored where her own limits lay in terms of giving intense pain play. It’s hard to name favourite sessions but we would like to give you a peak into what we enjoyed most in 2016.

  • Mistress Nina’s naughty boy G is an example of taking someone from being a total novice to a well versed submissive who is keen to serve in any way. Pushing his limits together has been delightful fun for us both and we are always impressed with his enthusiasm relating to his homework.


  • We both adore the art of CBT and in relation to this we have found that engineers can be the best fun to play with! Having custom pieces of kit made that we are able to try out and then keep is always a treat as is being able to thoroughly punish little pets to our hearts content. We look forward to the next time Mr I. Buttplug.


  • It is very rare that we meet clients with niche interests. One such gentleman, A, has allowed us to explore our love of forced intox, breathplay and all things sadistic and shiny. In addition we have riveting conversations which are always appreciated. The naughty boy has even been brave enough to let us hang him by the neck.

As we look towards 2017 we are filled with elation thinking of all the fabulous things that are to come. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to work in such a wonderful industry and we thank you all for your continued support. In the coming year we hope to expand our online presence and look deeper into life style control. In 2016 we had some fantastic submissives travel to see us and in 2017 we would love to travel to see you. If there is anything that you would like to see from us in 2017 please do tell us as we are always looking to expand and improve. We wish you all a debauched and devious 2017.