Insight into Dom/Switch Duo Sessions

Today we thought we should enlighten all our naughty readers on a subject we get asked about with regularity – what do we get up to during dom/switch sessions?

The session can take place in a variety of ways.

The first would start off with both of us dominating you, we would provide all of our normal services – spanking, anal play and perhaps a touch of abject humiliation for our amusement. Then you would be tied up and restrained to watch some delicious girl on girl spanking. Miss Kitty would be placed on a spanking bench in front of you, just out of your reach and Miss Nina would spank and soothe her peachy bottom while all you could do it sit there and watch – your little cock twitching with desire. Once her bottom was nice and red her frilly panties would be removed and Miss Nina would then continue her punishment using a variety of implements while the very naughty Miss Kitty tells you all about how naughty she has been this week. You might then be permitted to touch that naughty little cock of yours while looking at Miss Kittys well punished bottom.

The second would involve you joining Miss Nina in punishing the devious Miss Kitty. Starting off once more with spanking and working through various implements up to the cane to teach the young lady a lesson. If you so desire, we could also incorporate some bondage or perhaps some roleplay. Just imagine a naughty schoolgirl being punished by her Headmaster and Headgirl, or an incompetent secretary being put over her bosses desk and reprimanded most severely.

The third would incorporate both of the above into a wonderfully decadent mix. We would begin by dominating you in the usual fashion and then move on to both Miss Nina and yourself punishing the lovely Miss Kitty. All culminating in some filthy jerk off instructions for you.

Hopefully we have answered some questions and sparked your imagination and no doubt we will be seeing some of you naughty boys very soon.

MN & MK Xx

An experience of distance Domination

Recently a very lovely gentleman contacted us regarding some distance Domination. The poor boy lives in Germany and is not able to travel to see us for sessions.  As we are enterprising young ladies who would not allow distance to be a barrier we were more than happy to offer our particular brand of devious kink in a slightly different fashion.

We began with an initial session over Skype, finding out his likes, dislikes and what he was looking to explore. In our second interaction we kicked things up a notch. The naughty boy loves latex and PVC and so Ms Nina dressed in her black and green PVC school outfit while Ms Kitty wore a black leather dress. The session began with him on his knees confessing his indiscretions since our last encounter. The little slut had been wanking over our pictures and so was made to tie up his naughty cock and balls before slapping them. We then directed him to attach some clothes pegs to his offending parts as well as his nipples. Our German friend then confessed that he had been fantasising about watching us spank each other. Ever the obliging young ladies we made his dream a reality with Ms Kitty being the first to be bent over. There is, however, always a catch. The naughty boy was made to hold the rope attached to his cock and balls in his mouth and kneel with his hands behind his back as he watched. Once Ms Kitty’s peachy bottom was a gloriously red it was Ms Nina’s turn, the sounds from the screen insinuated that he was having quite a hard time controlling himself. Once both of us had matching pink bottoms we decided it was time for some jerk off instructions.

After untying his cock and balls we instructed him to sit in his chair and take his cock in his preferred hand, working it slowly all the way up and down. After a moment he was told to increase the speed and pay special attention to the tip. Once we could see that he was writhing around in anticipation he was made to jack his pathetic cock like he hated it as a punishment for his previous bad behaviour. As usual our jerk off instructions ended with him being made to beg like a bitch before making a big sticky mess all over himself. A very happy boy and two amused young ladies then retired until the next time.

MN & MK Xx



Something a little more extreme – afternoon delights for naughty boys!

The lovely Mistress Kitty and I had the absolute pleasure of sodomising a terribly naughty slut who took it in all of his holes. We began by stripping the dirty boy of all of his clothing and leading him naked into our cross dressing boudoir – the transformation into a dirty slut was assisted by frilly panties, hold ups and a silky slip. Whore red lipstick completed the look to our satisfaction and he was led back into our favourite playroom.

Now dressed up and ready to play, this little slut obligingly got on his knees in front of both of us and wiggled his arse in time to our favourite song. Since he was clearly asking for it we moved him to the spanking bench and tied him down tight. Being the lovely young ladies that we are, we warmed up his mouth first taking it in turns to fuck the red lipstick off of his bratty mouth. Once we were satisfied, his virgin bottom was next for exploring. While Mistress Kitty kept his slutty mouth occupied, I warmed his naughty hole with a prostate massage to prep him for what was to come. Before long he was able to take my sweet slim strap on in his arse while Mistress Kitty fucked his mouth – we adore a slut tied down between us who can take it in all holes. Now that his arse had been broken in it was time for Mistress Kitty to stretch it further with her big black strap on while I resumed making him gag.

We continued swapping between his holes until he was a well fucked mess, a puddle on our dungeon floor. Now we made him beg to be allowed to touch his pathetic little cock in our presence, only on the condition that he licked it up afterwards like a good slut. We put him on all fours like the bitch that he was and inserted a jewelled butt plug that he had to wear home once he had made a big sticky mess for us.

Hopefully we will repeat the delightful afternoon soon…

MN & MK Xx

A little taster…

A recent particularly debauched experience involved a young man who came to us with a most embarrassing story. He had failed at courting a young lady he was interested in and came to us to experience a darker side of desire. We warmed him up with a duo spanking, our hands landing perfectly in sync on his naughty bottom. From there we moved him to the bondage bed where he was restrained and blindfolded before having his sense stimulated by a variety of sensations. Hot, cold, sharp, soft, the poor boy did not know what to do with himself. Periodically one of us would bend over him and whisper all manner of filth in his ear. He was swiftly returned to the spanking bench and made to confess his dirtiest fantasy before being taken by both of us at the same time. Once all of his holes had been thoroughly abused he was tied spread eagled to an A frame chair and made to beg to be allowed to relive himself in front of the two of us. One of us was behind him stroking his nipples while the other was in front of him giving him quite a view. As he began to stroke himself we walked around him teasing and titillating him until he made a sticky mess all over himself and was made to lick it up.

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