Our favourite kinky books and podcast

Kink is an intrinsic part of our lives and that also extends to the media we consume. Every day is an opportunity to learn and explore more of this deliciously devious world we find ourselves in. We wanted to share some of our favourite kink and sex positive resources with you in case you should feel inspired to do the same.


For those of you who enjoyed consuming media aurally there are a wealth of podcasts that discuss kink and non standard sex & relationships. Miss K’s current favourite is the “Erotic Awakening” podcast where Master/slave couple Dan and Dawn talk about a variety of kinky topics including myths of the kink scene and ethical kink. They give their own opinions and sound advice while always reassuring listeners that theirs is not the only “true way” to experience BDSM. Miss N has been loving listening to “Sex out loud” with the famous author Tristan Taormino. This podcast covers everything from BDSM and non monogamy to sexual politics. Tristan frequently interviews fascinating guests using her position as a sex educator to produce quality content. Other podcasts we enjoy are listed below…


Holly Randall Unfiltered

Sex Nerd Sandra

Ending the Sexual Dark Age

Life on the Swingset

The Flirting Fox – All the Sex


There is also a wealth of sexy, kinky books and magazines that we enjoy and recommend. Miss K’s favourite author of erotic stories is Nancy Friday. She specialises in collating stories of men and women’s ultimate sexual fantasies which often include explorations of kink. Her books are great for reassuring you that other people enjoy the same naughty fantasies as you. Miss N’s number one recommendation is “The Ultimate Guide to Kink” by Tristan Taormino. She feels it is an unparalleled resource which gives you a glimpse into kinks that you would never even have considered. Both of us adore reading and other books which we have enjoyed include…


SM 101 by Jay Wiseman

Living M/s by Dan and Dawn

Enough to make you blush: Exploring erotic humiliation by Princess Kali

The topping and bottoming books by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy

When someone you love is Kinky by Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt

The Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice


We would love it if you could find your own favourite from these lists and we hope you enjoy these different ways of exploring kink. If you have a particular favourite not on this list we would love to hear about it!


MN & MK xx

November 2017 Availability

During the month of November Mistress Kitty is following her consummate passion for travelling and leaving Miss Nina to get up to mischief all by herself. This means we have far more limited availability for domme duo bookings in Glasgow city centre, the dates we will be together are listed below.


Our domme duo appointments are £150 per hour and require advance notice and a deposit to book, and take place exclusively at the wonderfully discreet and well equipped Abstrakt Me studios.


Make your intentions known and don’t miss out on winter debauchery with two wicked young ladies!


Availability: November 14th – 18th and November 21st – 26th.


MN & MK x

Cross Dressing Kinksters

Lately there seems to have been an influx of cross dressing sissy sluts and we cannot get enough of them! From those who are dipping their toes in the water by wearing silky panties to those who come with their own myriad of outfits, we love creating an environment where all aspects of cross dressing and sissification can be explored and celebrated.


These sessions can take a couple of different paths depending on what you would like to focus on. In the hopes of inspiring you we have outlined a couple of different scenarios below for you all to enjoy.


For those of you who are new to cross dressing simplicity is key. In such sessions you might want to focus on one or two pieces of clothing which drive your sexual desires. We tend to find that these would be panties and or hosiery. In our dungeon space we have a variety of styles and sizes to suit most of our little pets however, if your requirements are more specific then we would suggest you bring along your own. Once you have donned your accessories of choice ( either by your own hand or with a little “help” from us) there are a number of things we can do. For some the fantasy revolves around humiliation while other enjoy exploring femininity. Regardless, we tend to find that once dressed most of you express a desire to be your sluttiest selves once removed from the constraints of masculinity.  


For those who are a little more experienced we can delve even deeper into your desires. We tend to find that these little pets enjoy incorporating more elaborate accessories such as silky slips and wigs; perhaps even a little make up. The focus of these sessions tends to be more around the transformative and expressive ritual of cross dressing. Far more time is spent exploring your persona, choosing your outfit and making sure you see a completely different side to yourself. Everyone has their own individual tastes and while we have a selection of clothes at our disposal we find that at this stage you might prefer to bring your own ensembles with you. As discretion is key we are happy to store these for you in between sessions.


Regardless of your stage of exploration or your particular perversions we can create a session tailored to you which will help you to fully realise your feminine desires in an accepting and non judgemental environment.


MN & MK Xx

Duo Availability in Glasgow in early April

Due to being very busy young ladies with several other engagements this spring, our schedule for duo appointments for the first several weeks of April is somewhat limited. If the desire to have two beautiful young deviants do debauched and kinky things to you is pressing, please try and make your appointment for the dates below. We do hope to see you soon,

Miss Nina & Miss Kitty Xx


Monday 3rd April 11am – 9pm

Tuesday 4rd April 11am – 9pm

Wednesday 5th April 2pm – 7pm

Monday 10th April 11am – 9pm

Your Questions Answered.

What is it like for you to be Dommes?

Both of us have been in the industry for so long that being a Domme is an everyday part of our lives. Is it interesting? Of course! We meet lots of different people, each with individual needs which we need to adapt to. Similarly, it is intriguing, the people we meet always have different stories of how they came to kink and of their different experiences. Occasionally the people we meet will astound us and we have experiences that could not be replicated in any other setting. In answer to the question is it arousing, we work in an incredibly professional manner and environment where we are here to provide a service for you. Of course, there is physical arousal in terms of increased adrenaline and excitement at the knowledge of the power that we hold but sexual arousal, no.


What do you enjoy most about being Dommes?

It allows us to be creative and express parts of ourselves that most people spend their entire lives trying to keep hidden. We both thoroughly enjoy embodying the fantasy that each client brings to us, the ever-changing nature of what we do.

What defines you as a Domme?

In a nutshell? The ability to put yourself in any situation and know that you immediately have the upper hand. The ability to navigate the broad spectrum of human sexuality and revel in playing with it.

 What is it you enjoy most about working together?

We both have a very similar style of Domination, charmingly disarming. Duo sessions give us the ability to bounce off each other and bring out the best aspects of our personalities that are required in that particular moment.

What is your favourite type of session?

It is not so much the particular activity or role play that defines our favourite sessions. We enjoy such a wide range of BDSM that we have lots of fun regardless. It is in fact the attitude of the gentleman and the way in which they approach us and the session that determines whether it would be a favourite of ours. As long as you approach us with respect and have at least a little understanding of what it is you would like to achieve from our time together we will all get the most out of the session.

Do you enjoy personal relationships that are not D/s?

Although kink plays a large role in our lives we of course have relationships which are not D/s based. In our own friendship no one is the Dominant or submissive party so it stands to reason this would be the case in other relationships that we have.

Does being a Domme affect your whole life?

In short yes it does. Although we may not always be in the dungeon or always engaging in D/s relationships we spend the majority of our time focussing on work and our time with the gentlemen that we see. Even during our down time we are generally always contactable in one form or another. Also, being aware of kink and fetish makes you so much more able to notice others discreet interactions which is fabulous fun when sitting having coffee.

Do men divide into those who can take it and those who wish they could?

To a degree yes, some men come to see us with a lot of previous experience some only have an idea of what they want. When the latter is the case they may not be able to take everything they want in the first session be that large amounts of pain or a strap on. It is our job to build these gentlemen up in a safe way, gently pushing their limits until they are able to take exactly what they want.

What proportion of men become aroused while being beaten?

Masochism is a very personal experience and an erection is no indication of arousal or enjoyment in a BDSM context.

How should one prepare before a strap on session?

Some people believe that an enema is essential before anal play however, if you do not wait long enough after your enema it can have the opposite of the desired effect. We would advise to empty your bowels in the traditional sense and then shower. This should be sufficient but it is of course down to personal preference and what will make you feel most comfortable and relaxed.

A year of mischief and future plans.


2016 was a fantastic year for us and marked the first full year of us working together as a duo. One of the highlights was moving to the Abstrakt.me studios which allowed us to flourish as mistresses and work in a discreet and highly professional environment. The other of course, was finally living together and being able to spend even more time planning all kinds of nefarious debauchery and indulging in lifestyle BDSM full time. We travelled extensively and were thoroughly spoiled by our favourite submissives and slaves.

Continuing to build our relationships with long term submissives and meeting a whole host of new kinksters meant our year was full of fetish and we were able to really explore the darker sides of domination. Mistress Nina had her first foray into the more in depth side of medical play whilst Mistress Kitty explored where her own limits lay in terms of giving intense pain play. It’s hard to name favourite sessions but we would like to give you a peak into what we enjoyed most in 2016.

  • Mistress Nina’s naughty boy G is an example of taking someone from being a total novice to a well versed submissive who is keen to serve in any way. Pushing his limits together has been delightful fun for us both and we are always impressed with his enthusiasm relating to his homework.


  • We both adore the art of CBT and in relation to this we have found that engineers can be the best fun to play with! Having custom pieces of kit made that we are able to try out and then keep is always a treat as is being able to thoroughly punish little pets to our hearts content. We look forward to the next time Mr I. Buttplug.


  • It is very rare that we meet clients with niche interests. One such gentleman, A, has allowed us to explore our love of forced intox, breathplay and all things sadistic and shiny. In addition we have riveting conversations which are always appreciated. The naughty boy has even been brave enough to let us hang him by the neck.

As we look towards 2017 we are filled with elation thinking of all the fabulous things that are to come. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to work in such a wonderful industry and we thank you all for your continued support. In the coming year we hope to expand our online presence and look deeper into life style control. In 2016 we had some fantastic submissives travel to see us and in 2017 we would love to travel to see you. If there is anything that you would like to see from us in 2017 please do tell us as we are always looking to expand and improve. We wish you all a debauched and devious 2017.

It’s Theatrics, Darling – Fun with Roleplay Variety


While we are perfectly happy to punish you for being your devious self, we firmly believe that roleplays add an additional dimension to the escapism that is BDSM. This allows us to indulge in our own great passion – being delightfully theatrical. Both of us are lucky enough to have extensive theatre backgrounds and adore nothing more than making your wickedest fantasies into reality.

We are often asked what kind of roleplays we will participate in and the short answer is the limits to that are legality and your own imagination. With us both being younger ladies and Miss N specialising in all manner of school type scenarios this often immediately presents itself as the go to roleplay we are asked for. To spark your creativity, we thought we might outline some more below…


Mistress/Slave Roleplay – While taking on a full-time slave requires a lot of dedication we can roleplay a suitably strict scenario in our time together. We are huge fans of high protocol and this involves complete obedience at all times with no questions asked. With two Mistresses, this can be a very powerful experience.

Office Scenario Roleplay – Covering the range of scenarios from Bitch Boss to the shy secretary that turns on you, this kind of fetish can take on a sliding scale of kink severity and allow you to focus on workplace tensions (we wouldn’t advise trying it in your real office though…).

Medical Roleplay – this covers various descriptions from Dr/Nurse, ward matron, Rectal examinations and our favourite Clean Nurse and Dirty Nurse. With a range of kit to call on we can make most medical fantasies a reality. This is also particularly enjoyable with forced intox as an added element.

Military Interrogation – You all have a spy fantasy and this is the perfect chance to explore it with two beautiful young ladies interrogating you. On the stricter end of the kink spectrum, we have ways of making you talk.

Aunty/Nanny/Babysitter – This is any kind of nurturing or caregiving roleplay which can focus on Adult Babies or Littles. This is our softer side and we are lots of fun to play with and take very good care of you! Sessions might include things such as playing games, reading stories and feeding time.


This is by no means an exhaustive list and we love taking on new roleplays and hearing all about your fetish fantasies! If you have an idea you want to try please do get in touch and we can all have fabulous fun together making it a reality.



MN & MK Xx

Experimentation with ASMR

For those of you who are unaware ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which in non-science jargon relates to the sensations produced by auditory and tactile stimulation. Typically, ASMR sessions involve a combination of whispering into both ears and the use of various sensations to make you feel relaxed and utterly submissive. Each individual has certain words or phrases that they enjoy being used, examples of which might be “your most submissive self”, “totally under our control”, “ready to confess your darkest fantasies” etc. This has been intrinsically linked to Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a fantastic way for us to alter and control your mind according to our whims.

The session would begin with you being stripped naked and tied either to the bondage chair, or bondage bed depending on preference and being blindfolded. The removal of visual stimulation is key here as it heightens your other senses and allows total focus on the auditory and physical stimulation. Generally we play meditative binaural beats in the background to help you relax further and pull you deeper into the experience. One of us will stand to your left side and the other to your right and we will start by guiding you through a progressive full body relaxation. Our soft voices in your ear will provoke tingling sensation which will eventually fill your entire body. Once you are completely relaxed and under our control the real fun can begin.

Each submissive has their own idea of what they would like to get from an ASMR session; some want to be hypnotised and have naughty ideas implanted in their mind while others are aroused by the sensations of silk, cold metal, pinwheels etc. It allows for the complete sensation of mind and body control without a raised voice or implement which can be a complete departure from the idea of traditional BDSM. Once we have enraptured you, we would then bring you gently back into yourself feeling safe and relaxed but very much under our spell.

For us the experimentation with ASMR has taken our love of the art of kink to new heights. It is a highly sensual form of BDSM with real psychological impact that we can only develop further as research into this area expands exponentially. We do hope you seek to take this fascinating journey with us…

MN & MK x

A guide to first time appointments

In this post we will take you through everything you should expect from your interaction with us. Whether you are completely new to BDSM or have simply never experienced our particular style of double domination we hope to spark your imagination and answer some common questions.

Once you are ready to book a session please contact us by email or phone. At this stage it would be ideal if you had at least an idea of what you are looking to gain from our time together as well as a potential date and time in mind for your session. Email is perfectly acceptable as an initial form of contact however we will require to talk to you on the phone at some point to discuss the nuances of your session. We are more than happy to cater to specific requests in regards to outfits or activities but please ensure that you make us aware of these during your initial email or phone call so we have sufficient time to prepare.

When you are happy with the arrangement we will then require you to leave a deposit of £30 with the premises to cover the hire of the room, this can be completed via bank transfer or CC Bill payment to the premises. Not only does this protect us by deterring time wasters but it allows you to secure the space as the premises we work from has one room only. Any subsequent appointments will not require a deposit to be left.

On the day of your session we require a call or text to confirm two hours prior to your appointment time and at this stage we will give you details of our city centre location. At this point you can ask any last minute questions you might have and we will double check that we have all your session requirements correctly noted.

You will be met by one of us at the front door and taken into our wonderful play space, there will be a short consultation lasting no more than a few minutes to clarify what you are looking for before you present your tribute. After that you will be asked to strip and our time together will begin. Some gentlemen are concerned that a double Domme session might be quite full on however we believe that we complement each other perfectly and are incredibly versatile. Your session is tailored to you and can be as intense or as gentle as you would like it to be. We do suggest that you have at least some idea of what you are curious about but we are happy to guide you by suggesting specific activities. Generally, for first time sessions we enjoy exploring a range of activities so that you can experience a wide scope of kinks and fetishes and leave more fully informed about your particular proclivities.

After the session we will allow you to get dressed and take some time to decompress and discuss your experiences – allowing you to get the most from your time with us. We love nothing more than knowing we have helped you take your fantasies to reality and enjoyed your session to the fullest.

Once your session is over we will return you gently to reality and hope you have enjoyed your time with us as much as we do. We welcome any feedback you have or any questions you may have about further sessions, any future appointments can then be booked by text or email. We look forward to welcoming you into our devious debauched world.

Amsterdam Adventures


Even whilst away on a relaxing holiday in Amsterdam we still managed to find a naughty young gentleman who required our specific brand of correction.

We were approached through email by a young man who had been keeping abreast of our exploits on twitter and was keen to experience them first-hand. The naughty boy arrived at our beautiful hotel suite with a bottle of champagne and a variety of anal toys. The toys brought a giggle as the sizes were particularly small and we are used to wicked boys who can take a whole lot more. While seeming a little unnerved he got on his knees in front of us and began to worship our feet and legs. Once we were satisfied that he knew his place we positioned him on the bed on all fours like a naughty pet. He was perfectly positioned in front of a mirror and watched eagerly as we set the toys up. The smallest of his toys was the only one he had taken before but we thought he could do far better and started with the second smallest. The little slut made fantastic noises as we corrected his bad behaviour with the tools at our disposal. Not only did the wonderful boy manage to take one size bigger than he had managed before, we worked him up to three sizes bigger

. We finished the evening off using him as our footstool as we enjoyed a glass of champagne. The naughty boy was so keen, he asked to play again when we next travel Europe.

MN & MK Xx