Your Questions Answered.

What is it like for you to be Dommes?

Both of us have been in the industry for so long that being a Domme is an everyday part of our lives. Is it interesting? Of course! We meet lots of different people, each with individual needs which we need to adapt to. Similarly, it is intriguing, the people we meet always have different stories of how they came to kink and of their different experiences. Occasionally the people we meet will astound us and we have experiences that could not be replicated in any other setting. In answer to the question is it arousing, we work in an incredibly professional manner and environment where we are here to provide a service for you. Of course, there is physical arousal in terms of increased adrenaline and excitement at the knowledge of the power that we hold but sexual arousal, no.


What do you enjoy most about being Dommes?

It allows us to be creative and express parts of ourselves that most people spend their entire lives trying to keep hidden. We both thoroughly enjoy embodying the fantasy that each client brings to us, the ever-changing nature of what we do.

What defines you as a Domme?

In a nutshell? The ability to put yourself in any situation and know that you immediately have the upper hand. The ability to navigate the broad spectrum of human sexuality and revel in playing with it.

 What is it you enjoy most about working together?

We both have a very similar style of Domination, charmingly disarming. Duo sessions give us the ability to bounce off each other and bring out the best aspects of our personalities that are required in that particular moment.

What is your favourite type of session?

It is not so much the particular activity or role play that defines our favourite sessions. We enjoy such a wide range of BDSM that we have lots of fun regardless. It is in fact the attitude of the gentleman and the way in which they approach us and the session that determines whether it would be a favourite of ours. As long as you approach us with respect and have at least a little understanding of what it is you would like to achieve from our time together we will all get the most out of the session.

Do you enjoy personal relationships that are not D/s?

Although kink plays a large role in our lives we of course have relationships which are not D/s based. In our own friendship no one is the Dominant or submissive party so it stands to reason this would be the case in other relationships that we have.

Does being a Domme affect your whole life?

In short yes it does. Although we may not always be in the dungeon or always engaging in D/s relationships we spend the majority of our time focussing on work and our time with the gentlemen that we see. Even during our down time we are generally always contactable in one form or another. Also, being aware of kink and fetish makes you so much more able to notice others discreet interactions which is fabulous fun when sitting having coffee.

Do men divide into those who can take it and those who wish they could?

To a degree yes, some men come to see us with a lot of previous experience some only have an idea of what they want. When the latter is the case they may not be able to take everything they want in the first session be that large amounts of pain or a strap on. It is our job to build these gentlemen up in a safe way, gently pushing their limits until they are able to take exactly what they want.

What proportion of men become aroused while being beaten?

Masochism is a very personal experience and an erection is no indication of arousal or enjoyment in a BDSM context.

How should one prepare before a strap on session?

Some people believe that an enema is essential before anal play however, if you do not wait long enough after your enema it can have the opposite of the desired effect. We would advise to empty your bowels in the traditional sense and then shower. This should be sufficient but it is of course down to personal preference and what will make you feel most comfortable and relaxed.