It’s Theatrics, Darling – Fun with Roleplay Variety


While we are perfectly happy to punish you for being your devious self, we firmly believe that roleplays add an additional dimension to the escapism that is BDSM. This allows us to indulge in our own great passion – being delightfully theatrical. Both of us are lucky enough to have extensive theatre backgrounds and adore nothing more than making your wickedest fantasies into reality.

We are often asked what kind of roleplays we will participate in and the short answer is the limits to that are legality and your own imagination. With us both being younger ladies and Miss N specialising in all manner of school type scenarios this often immediately presents itself as the go to roleplay we are asked for. To spark your creativity, we thought we might outline some more below…


Mistress/Slave Roleplay – While taking on a full-time slave requires a lot of dedication we can roleplay a suitably strict scenario in our time together. We are huge fans of high protocol and this involves complete obedience at all times with no questions asked. With two Mistresses, this can be a very powerful experience.

Office Scenario Roleplay – Covering the range of scenarios from Bitch Boss to the shy secretary that turns on you, this kind of fetish can take on a sliding scale of kink severity and allow you to focus on workplace tensions (we wouldn’t advise trying it in your real office though…).

Medical Roleplay – this covers various descriptions from Dr/Nurse, ward matron, Rectal examinations and our favourite Clean Nurse and Dirty Nurse. With a range of kit to call on we can make most medical fantasies a reality. This is also particularly enjoyable with forced intox as an added element.

Military Interrogation – You all have a spy fantasy and this is the perfect chance to explore it with two beautiful young ladies interrogating you. On the stricter end of the kink spectrum, we have ways of making you talk.

Aunty/Nanny/Babysitter – This is any kind of nurturing or caregiving roleplay which can focus on Adult Babies or Littles. This is our softer side and we are lots of fun to play with and take very good care of you! Sessions might include things such as playing games, reading stories and feeding time.


This is by no means an exhaustive list and we love taking on new roleplays and hearing all about your fetish fantasies! If you have an idea you want to try please do get in touch and we can all have fabulous fun together making it a reality.



MN & MK Xx