Experimentation with ASMR

For those of you who are unaware ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which in non-science jargon relates to the sensations produced by auditory and tactile stimulation. Typically, ASMR sessions involve a combination of whispering into both ears and the use of various sensations to make you feel relaxed and utterly submissive. Each individual has certain words or phrases that they enjoy being used, examples of which might be “your most submissive self”, “totally under our control”, “ready to confess your darkest fantasies” etc. This has been intrinsically linked to Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a fantastic way for us to alter and control your mind according to our whims.

The session would begin with you being stripped naked and tied either to the bondage chair, or bondage bed depending on preference and being blindfolded. The removal of visual stimulation is key here as it heightens your other senses and allows total focus on the auditory and physical stimulation. Generally we play meditative binaural beats in the background to help you relax further and pull you deeper into the experience. One of us will stand to your left side and the other to your right and we will start by guiding you through a progressive full body relaxation. Our soft voices in your ear will provoke tingling sensation which will eventually fill your entire body. Once you are completely relaxed and under our control the real fun can begin.

Each submissive has their own idea of what they would like to get from an ASMR session; some want to be hypnotised and have naughty ideas implanted in their mind while others are aroused by the sensations of silk, cold metal, pinwheels etc. It allows for the complete sensation of mind and body control without a raised voice or implement which can be a complete departure from the idea of traditional BDSM. Once we have enraptured you, we would then bring you gently back into yourself feeling safe and relaxed but very much under our spell.

For us the experimentation with ASMR has taken our love of the art of kink to new heights. It is a highly sensual form of BDSM with real psychological impact that we can only develop further as research into this area expands exponentially. We do hope you seek to take this fascinating journey with us…

MN & MK x

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