Amsterdam Adventures


Even whilst away on a relaxing holiday in Amsterdam we still managed to find a naughty young gentleman who required our specific brand of correction.

We were approached through email by a young man who had been keeping abreast of our exploits on twitter and was keen to experience them first-hand. The naughty boy arrived at our beautiful hotel suite with a bottle of champagne and a variety of anal toys. The toys brought a giggle as the sizes were particularly small and we are used to wicked boys who can take a whole lot more. While seeming a little unnerved he got on his knees in front of us and began to worship our feet and legs. Once we were satisfied that he knew his place we positioned him on the bed on all fours like a naughty pet. He was perfectly positioned in front of a mirror and watched eagerly as we set the toys up. The smallest of his toys was the only one he had taken before but we thought he could do far better and started with the second smallest. The little slut made fantastic noises as we corrected his bad behaviour with the tools at our disposal. Not only did the wonderful boy manage to take one size bigger than he had managed before, we worked him up to three sizes bigger

. We finished the evening off using him as our footstool as we enjoyed a glass of champagne. The naughty boy was so keen, he asked to play again when we next travel Europe.

MN & MK Xx